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Strong Start To The New Year For Cobrinha BJJ Competitors


As we mentioned last week, there were 3 Cobrinha BJJ competitors fighting in new belt divisions for the first time at the IBJJF Europeans this past weekend, and while two of them came up short of the podium they each showed great promise for the tournaments to come.

James Goh made his debut as a purple belt by finishing his first opponent, Matheus Pockstaller, in the second round after having a bye in the first. After spending most of the match trying to pass, while fighting off a mix of sweep and leg lock attempts, Goh was able to fall into an ankle lock of his own. Unfortunately he came up short in the next fight with Babar Raja losing 4-2 after a hard fought match in which both competitors traded sweeps throughout. While he came up short of his goal Goh still never lost his cool demeanor, and the confident way in which he fought made it clear that he certainly did belong in the division. Look for him to continue to improve and cause problems for the others in this division.

In addition to Goh there was another CBJJ competitor making their debut at purple belt. Kennedy Maciel made a lot of noise by taking gold in the light featherweight division, finishing 3 of his 5 opponents. In addition to his 3 submissions he also had an incredible last second win against Mason Monsevais of AOJ by scoring a sweep in the last 10 seconds to go up 2-0, and nearly finished Munkhbayer Altantugs in the finals with a choke from the back that turned into an arm bar attempt. Although both submission attempts looked locked in deep Altantugs showed great toughness and technique escaping each time leading to a 4-2 victory for Maciel, and a gold medal in his first competition as a purple belt.

The final competitor for the Cobrinha academy was newly promoted black belt, Isaac Doederlein. He started off the tournament with a statement taking only 4 minutes to submit Sergio Gonzalez in the first round with a back choke after the two exchanged sweeps in the beginning. The second round would see Doederlein matched up with last year European gold medalist, Marcio Andre. The match started with Isaac on top looking to pass. Andre was eventually able to come up for a sweep to go up 2-0, but Doederlein looking unfazed by the sweep immediately started to work for a sweep of his own. Doederlein did eventually get a sweep to tie the match up at 2-2, but Andre responded with yet another sweep to go up 4-2. They battled back and forth for the next 6 minutes with Andre scoring an advantage for a near pass, and then at the end Doederlein nearly came up for another sweep but was unsuccessful due to the balance of his opponent. The match ended in a 4-2 loss for the young Cobrinha black belt, but he showed great promise for the tournaments to come. It will be very exciting to continue to watch the growth of Doederlein as he gets more experience under his belt in a very competitive weight class.

In addition to these competitors we would like to acknowledge some of the other Cobrinha BJJ competitors that medaled this weekend. First we would like to congratulate Amy Saekow, Odie Galindo, and Ryan Stiles on their 3rd place finishes and Jesse Napier on his 1st place finish this weekend at the NABJJF All Americas tournament. Also congrats to Brian Chang and Caroline Collins on their 3rd place finishes at the UAEJJF National Pro alongside Rehan Muttalib who placed 2nd, Erika Ontiveros who took 1st in her division, and Ram Ananda who got double gold winning both his division and the lightweight absolute. It was a very exciting start to the 2016 season for the Cobrinha BJJ academy and I can’t wait to continue to watch these great athletes compete in the tournaments to come.

Written by Zach Smith