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Lil’ Cobras Set To Compete At Pans


This coming Sunday will surely be filled with boxes of chocolate and fancy diners out on the town for many, but for the Lil’ Cobras of Cobrinha BJJ the focus of the day will be competition as they roll into Walter Pyramid for the 2016 Pan Kids Jiu Jitsu IBJJF Championships. This team of kids has been focusing on this tournament for the past few weeks, and, in addition to their regular training, have even come in for early morning weekend sessions as well. The first IBJJF tournament of the year will bring about new challenges for the Lil’ Cobras like competing in new belt division and age divisions, but we have all the confidence in the world in these young kids. That being said we would like to wish luck to all of the kids competing this weekend:

Maxim Fedorchak     Grey Belt/ Pee-Wee 1/ Light Weight

Mimi Mallari              Grey Belt/ Pee-Wee 2/ Light Feather Weight

Sean Estes                   Grey Belt/ Junior 2/ Light Weight

Angelica Carrada       Grey Belt/ Junior 2/ Medium Heavy Weight

Raquel Carrada          Grey Belt/ Junior 3/ Feather Weight

Simone Herman         Grey Belt/ Junior 3/ Medium Heavy Weight

Mathew Ardon           Yellow Belt/ Junior 1/ Light Feather Weight

Nikita Inger                Yellow Belt/ Junior 2/ Ultra Heavy Weight

Jake Mallari               Yellow Belt/ Teen 1/ Light Feather Weight

Jalen Fonacier           Orange Belt/ Junior 2/ Light Feather Weight

Skylar Ransom          Orange/Green Belt/ Teen 1/ Rooster

Mikayla Fonacier      Orange/Green Belt/ Teen 1/ Feather Weight

Finally we would also like to acknowledge all of the parents that bring the kids into class and get them to these tournaments! It wouldn’t be possible without you. Good luck again to all the kids competing this weekend and happy hunting!


Written by Zach Smith